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DATO AHMAD NADZER BIN HJ NORDIN is a retired Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) and has served the Royal Malaysian Police Force (RMPF) for 39 years, mainly with the Special Branch. He joined the RMPF on the 16th 0f November 1975 as a Probationary Inspector. His last post was the Director of Intelligence for Eastern Sabah Security Command (ESSCOM), under the Prime Minister’s Office. His works in ESSCOM took him to South Philippines and Manila to coordinate intelligence with the Philippines counterpart on matters pertaining to armed intrusions and trans-national crime.

Prior to his appointment with ESSCOM he was Principal Assistant Director of E6 Division (Protective Security) Special Branch Bukit Aman, a Division responsible for all aspect of homeland security, economic and strategic assets of the government including security and safety of VVIP’s. His 38 years of service has seen him dealing vastly with a myriad of intelligence acquisition and operation, ranging from Communist insurgency (@ Pahang 1976 – 1990 and was directly involved in the Peace Agreement of 1989 involving the CPM and CPT with the Government of Malaysia and Thailand), political, social and religious extremism, terrorism from infamous terrorist networks (@ Jakarta, Indonesia 2002 – 2006 when terrorism was at its height in this region), people smuggling and human trafficking, and finally in his closing chapter, to armed military intrusions and transnational crime – related incidents in ESSZone, Sabah.

He has also worked with a number of foreign enforcement agencies which includes the Australian Federal Police ( AFP), the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS), the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), the Thai Special Branch (TSB) and the Detachment 88 Anti –Terror of the Indonesian National Police (INP). Whilst serving ESSCOM, he was well-engaged with the Philippines Presidential Anti- Organised Crime Commission (PAOCC) and other police and military agencies. He too had a working encounter in Riyadh at a ministerial level in 2009 to draft and later signed an MOU on
security and intelligence works with the Saudi Government on terrorism and human trafficking.

He is currently on a working appointment with the National Aerospace and Defence Industries (NADI), an MRO company in Subang, Selangor as the Director for Administration, Human Resource and Security. He heads all aspects of administration and management of the company including security works, overlooking 8 subsidiaries under the NADI group of companies among which includes AIROD and ATSC, both dealing with aerospace defence assets of the Royal Malaysian Air Force of the Government of Malaysia.

With his invaluable and unparalleled exposure in the field of corporate management, Mr. Kanagarajah, who sits on the board of several companies, provides the much needed strategic guidance in the company’s overall future direction and expansion plans. With his foresight, he has steered the organization into being in the forefront of the security industry.

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